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AMANA Italia is the Italian subsidiary of the German AMANA Consulting Group. We offer software solutions for reporting, ESEF, XBRL, Disclosure Management and IFRS 16. AMANA Italia is the direct inter­locutor of our customers in Italy.

We offer you our support for an inte­gratation of our software solutions into your business processes. We are also available to help you, answer your questions and welcome your suggestions.

AMANA was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from the financial consulting business of PwC Germany and has since successfully developed independently. The number of clients of the AMANA Group will reach 1,000 in 2021.

AMANA Italy is represented by Carlo De Sanctis, the Managing Director. Carlo has many years of professional experience both in the company and as a consultant, with projects in Italy, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Carlo is available as your direct contact.

AMANA Consulting is represented in Italy by Philipp Stampfuß. Philipp is one of the four founders of the AMANA Group in Germany.

Our software solutions

  • Reporting
    XBRL/ESEF ESEF Plug & Play without imple­mentation project.
  • Reporting
    External | internal
    SmartNotes Financial reports and investor communi­cation.
  • Leasing
    GlobalLeaseCenter Leases’ accounting.
  • Reporting
    External | internal
    XBRL Auditor Validate and audit ESEF and iXBRL reports.


With the intro­duction of the European Securities and Markets Authority's (ESMA) Single European Electronic Standard (ESEF), all listed companies must publish their Annual Financial Reports in XHTML format.

Consolidated Financial Statement schedules must be tagged as Inline XBRL (iXBRL) using the IFRS rate­nomy.

For the first two years of application of the new regulation, only the main conso­lidated financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of compre­hensive income, statement of changes in equity and cash flow statement) must be tagged.
The Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements must be tagged as "text blocks" from the third year of application of the regulation.

Taxonomy extensions must be created for Financial Statement items not present in the base rate­nomy.

Extensions are only allowed if there are no items in the base rate that represent the concept expressed by the budget items.
Extensions should be "anchored" to the most similar conceptual element in the base rate­nomy.

XBRL tagger – ESEF Plug & Play without implemen­tation project

With our easy-to-use XBRL certified software, you can create ESEF-compliant reporting in no time. Even without an implemen­tation project and IT knowledge, you can immediately begin tagging your annual reports. The stand-alone XBRL tagger can recognize any data format and process all taxonomies. You can easily map IFRS taxonomy items to the corres­ponding financial statement numbers.

Convert any MS Word, PDF, HTML, or InDesign document to support the fast and easy operation of the stand-alone XBRL tagger. Once the mapping is done, all tags can be rolled forward to the new ESEF report in the following year.

Alternatively, the XBRL tagger is available as an integrated process solution within our disclosure management software SmartNotes. In addition to XBRL tagging, SmartNotes supports the complete end-to-end process from data imported from the consolidation system to the ready-to-print layout. Further information can be found here.

  • Stand-alone-solution
  • PDF / Word / InDesign tagging
  • No implementation project
  • All taxonomies and languages
  • Auto-tagging and mapping by smart AI
  • Corporate design compatible export

Disclosure Management SmartNotes: End-to-end process to the annual report

XBRL “built in”: workflow-controlled data flow with SmartNotes - fast creation of ESEF annual reports in iXBRL
XBRL “built in”: workflow-controlled data flow with SmartNotes - fast creation of ESEF annual reports in iXBRL

Our Disclosure Management increases the efficiency in the preparation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to implement a valid ESEF reporting. Through the integration of the XBRL tagger, SmartNotes is available as a "built-in" version. In addition to XBRL tagging, SmartNotes supports the complete end-to-end process from data imported from the consolidation system, to the ready-to-print layout.

At the same time, our ESEF reporting software offers a variety of additional functions to support the profes­sional work of your employees and to eliminate non-value-adding activities. For example, changes to a data import lead to an update of affected contents, in the tables, in the continuous text and in all language variants of your annual reports.

With our built-in role concept and full audit trail, we offer you revision security and also respond to your individual require­ments. In addition, imported values, rounding adjustments, created taggings and texts are retained for the next report. In addition to ESEF, you can choose from a variety of other output formats, such as print-ready Word, PDF, Excel, InDesign, XBRL or iXBRL.

Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Flexible Interfaces in SmartNotes
Flexible Interfaces in SmartNotes
Ready-to-print layout for direct ESEF reporting
Ready-to-print layout for direct ESEF reporting
Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Similar reports directly in the Disclosure Management
Similar reports directly in the Disclosure Management
Authorization concept and multilingualism
Authorization concept and multi­lingualism
Number management
Number management

IFRS 16 compliant with the GlobalLeaseCenter

You still balance leasing contracts with Excel? We have the safer and cost-efficient alternative!

Our web-based IFRS 16 software supports you not only in the calculation and booking of leasing contracts and the deter­mination of notes, but also in the decen­tralised recording and adminis­tration of contracts.

The complexity of the new IFRS 16 regulations often presents leasing-intensive companies with problems. This has come to an end with AMANA! Our IFRS 16 leasing software integrates all require­ments in our standard set, which guarantees a quick imple­mentation! With GlobalLeaseCenter you are ready to go in just a few days!

More time for the core task with the XBRL Auditor

The new ESEF regulation has increased the complexity of auditing annual reports many times over. Our certified AMANA XBRL auditor ensures that you solve the complex require­ments without any problems and that no time is wasted com­paring XHTML and iXBRL. This gives you time for your actual main task, the verification of the tagging against your IFRS knowledge.

Based on our expe­rience from numerous XBRL projects, we have imple­mented the listed features in a targeted manner and support you holistically through­out the entire validation process. Simplify the vali­dation and audit of ESEF and iXBRL reports with us!

The AMANA XBRL Auditor supports you holisti­cally:

- The auto­mation of the technical val­idation in accordance with the ESMA validation rules.
- Checks the integrity of the machine- and human-readable document.
- Tagging of final tables can be ticked off and commented on line by line.
- Supports docu­mentation with checklists
- Version control with intelligent change detection and compa­rison between changes in two versions
- Customer commu­nication with comments
- Four-eyes principle and review function

Complete and certified ESEF and iXBRL validation
Complete and certified ESEF and iXBRL validation
Checklist with documentation and comments
Checklist with document­ation and comments
Viewer for report & tags, taxonomy extension
Viewer for report & tags, taxonomy extension
View  iXBRL reports in read-only mode
View iXBRL reports in read-only mode
Export of the audit report to Excel and Word
Export of the audit report to Excel and Word
comprehensive Excel report
Compre­hensive Excel report
Hotline for validation errors and edge cases
Hotline for validation errors and edge cases
Intelligent change detection
Intelligent change detection


Disclosure Management SmartNotes: End-to-end process to the annual report

Our Disclosure Management SmartNotes increases the effi­ciency in the creation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to imple­ment the ESEF require­ments. You work with SmartNotes from the first data import, through the input of corrections, to the publication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media discon­tinuity. Our Disclosure Management System relieves you of the manual work steps so that you can concen­trate on essential content.

Referents: Björn Bielesch and Nina Schüller

ESEF Plug & Play with the

In our webinar, we will present our solution outlining the simple handling of report produc­tion and the automated tagging support feature based on artificial intelli­gence (AI) developed by AMANA, which signi­ficantly simplifies the creation of ESEF reports.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Janis Steinmann

Go live in 4 days - IFRS 16 with the GlobalLeaseCenter

With the GlobalLeaseCenter you can implement a tested and regularly maintained IFRS 16 leasing tool in record time. The GlobalLeaseCenter is a comfor­table standard solution of AMANA to effectively and efficiently account for leasing matters according to IFRS 16. Within a clear and well-structured process the GlobalLeaseCenter supports the user in data collection. Validations of the input data increase the data quality. Based on the entered contract data, the GlobalLeaseCenter intelligently recognises which IFRS 16 facts are present (new contract, modification; reassessment) and automatically carries out their evaluation. The generation of bookings, dicslosures and reports at company level or group level is one of the standard functio­nalities of our IFRS 16 system. More than just a software solution: our expe­rienced consulting team will accompany and support you both in the project and, if required, in live operation.

Referents: Eva-Maria Kuhlmann and Matthias Sahm

Tips & Tricks for Word in combination with SmartNotes

Word in combi­nation with SmartNotes offers a variety of possi­bilities to edit, automate and layout texts. In this workshop we will discuss typical stumb­ling blocks such as margins, table layouts, table of contents, we will give tips and reveal one or two tricks how you can optimally structure and edit your documents.

Referents: Tamino Kschischan and Thomas Lohrengel

Series for Users and Interested People: Planning in the light of IFRS 16 - challenges and approaches to solutions

IFRS 16 changes the require­ments for planning under IFRS. In the past, the leasing standard IAS 17 often only influenced the planning of the income statement and cash flows. After adopting IFRS 16, lease contracts must also be taken into account in balance sheet planning. In addition, the accounting conse­quences of new contracts, contract amend­ments, and changes in estimates can have a greater impact on planning as a result of on-balance sheet accounting.

In our webinar, we would like to briefly outline the differences between planning in accordance with IAS 17 and planning in accordance with IFRS 16 in order to highlight the challenges. Further­more, we will present different planning approaches from practice. These approaches differ in the level of detail.

We will show where software can support and where it reaches its limits. In addition, we will demon­strate different solutions preferred by our customers in the GLC. The GlobalLeaseCenter is a convenient standard solution from AMANA for effectively and efficiently accounting in accordance with IFRS 16. The software product is accom­panied by a professional and technically expe­rienced consulting team, in which the knowledge about the product and the processes surrounding the product are bundled and available to you.

Referents: Eva-Maria Kuhlmann and Matthias Sahm

Our client projects


Geberit has been using SmartNotes for many years.
"Our online annual report has an interface with SmartNotes. The data is transferred from the financial report via interface to the online report. The interface processes not only the financial figures but also the formats, so that manual post-processing in the online report is largely eliminated. The manual steps that do not add value have thus been eliminated from the process."
Markus Morger
Head Corporate Accounting
Geberit International AG


Richemont uses SmartNotes for external and internal reports.
"For us, the key advantages include saving time with automated numbers in tables and text as well as the roll-forward process, being able to work in parallel as SmartNotes allows several people to work on the same document at once and internal consistency within the reports and between the reports, for example between annual report and annual analyst presentation or interim report and interim analyst presentation. Smartnotes has also helped us to improve the efficiency of our internal reporting."
Lesley Griffiths
Group Technical Accounting Manager
Richemont International SA


"We implemented SmartNotes for our financial and production reporting and have reached a high level of automation in our process. The excellent functionalities for numbers as well as the design implementation within SmartNotes has made the reporting process both more efficient and completely transparent. The SmartNotes project team supported us competently and professionally throughout the entire implementation period. Being a listed company on the London stock exchange we are using SmartNotes to prepare the ESEF report (European Single Electronic Format), with taggings of primary statements as well as notes to the financial statements. We performed the project with internal resources and the support from AMANA, using their competences in both areas XBRL technical and accounting. The integration of XBRL tagging into SmartNotes has allowed us to further enhance the automation in the report production process."
Aniko Boender
Group Financial Reporting


"We are using SmartNotes for two reports on a quarterly/semiannual basis. SmartNotes has a highly sophisticated functionality for financial reports and helps us to concentrate on content while automating numbers in tables in text. The roll-forward functionality is also very helpful and allows us to produce the first versions of the next period reports in just couple of minutes. Although we are not a public company, with no requirement to publish our financial statements, we nevertheless use the Layout Robot feature to prepare internal reports with professional layouts for our main stakeholders (shareholders and banks)."
Antonella Rago & Flora Pesenti
DITH Group
Group Financial Reporting

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